Skagerak Celebrates Cultural Diversity Day

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On Tuesday the 2Oth of October students and teachers across the school joined forces to celebrate.


LeserbrevA parade of nations led by the students was the highlight of the day with 66 nations represented by the school community. This is an amazing testament to the truly diverse nature of our school. From Armenia to Zambia and everything in between our students come from or have close links that span the globe. On Cultural Diversity day we were able to showcase our native languages,national costumes,sample exotic food and truly share the varied aspects of our different cultures. Parents were also an important part of the day and contributed to the energy and enthusiasm that made the day so special.

Cultural Diversity Day included the whole school community and encouraged us to be proud of where we come from and to see how the world may seem large but in many ways can be found within the walls of our school. Issues of global significance were presented and the students were able to learn about the world in a truly inspiring and hands on way.

Over 10,000 NOK was raised on the day with all proceeds going to the UNHCR charity to support the Refugee Crisis.

Thank you to everyone for their hard work.

Yvonne Folan 

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